Reigning Over The Pixel Gun 3D Battlefield With Strategies And Tricks

Playing any game, computer mobile or both requires adept channelization of moves and strategies in an effective manner. In order to perform, you need to ascertain and master all sneak peeks of that game. Experience and dedication alone can give you that edge over your rivals. In Pixel Gun 3D, which is one of the best first-person shooter games in the circuit and spans in both multi-player and survival modes, you need to seek and master the most feasible mode for playing the game more adeptly. Such a gripping game mode is the arena mode where the sole aim is to play and thwart or survive as many waves as you possibly can.

The game comes with an avalanche of maps, which is one of the noted facets of Pixel Gun 3D. They are Space Station, Colosseum, Foggy Swamp, ice Hockey arena, Atlantis, abandoned Mineshaft, Scary Pizzeria and Medieval castle being a few noteworthy ones. As far as your strategy goes, you can find an array of strategies in the arena mode. A very effective trick is to acquire an explosive weapon with sufficient mobility and power. The Gravity Gun is one such arm, which is mainly created for this type of mode. It annihilates foes MOBS in just a few hits, three to be precise. The end mobs receive two and the regulars ones receive one hit.

If you want to go the easy way and catch some thrill, the pixel gun 3d hack tool is always there for you. The online tool is totally free and safe to use. There are anti-ban features working in the garb of proxy servers. Your identity remains anonymous and there’s risk of getting detected.

Another proven and great strategy can include the peacemaker. Here you can always keep any type of mini gun type of weapon. Depending on the capacity of bullets in a Peacemaker gun, you can for a minimum of thirty or even more shooting rounds with this arm without draining or dying out. However, you need to keep a strong armor all the while. You also need to keep assimilating pickups for ammunition and run around in a certain circle around the main area. You should do this while you shoot your opponents. It’d give you a massive score besides giving you a large cache of coins in the game.

Going back to the hits and qualitative shots, you have Dark Matter Generator that fits in this domain. It entails similar but not exactly identical properties like the Gravity Gun. After you pick you your weapon, you can roll and fire. You must remember that every time you are out there in the field, you need to keep collecting ammo for the gravity gun or bas cannon alongside the shields you carry. After reaching the 10th wave in the game, your most prudent tactic would be jump right on the mob heads. You do a rocket jump here, which makes you fall flat on the heads of mobs, killing them in fours or sixes at one go. It’s a very effective strategy and you should try it.

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